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Fujitsu Limited is a Japanese company that released the FM-X, a MSX1 computer to be combined with a non-MSX device, the FM-7. Fujitsu did not release any subsequent MSX products, most likely due to the competition it provided with his own line of FM-7 computer systems.


General logo

General Ltd. was a Japanese company that released two combinations of a TV and MSX1 computer in one. In September 1984, General merged with Fujitsu, and adopted the name Fujitsu General Ltd. in October 1985. Fujitsu General is currently one of several companies that make up Fujitsu Limited. After the merger no subsequent MSX products were released.



Model Year Region
MSX1 Fujitsu FM-X 1983 JP
General PCT-50 (Paxon) 1983 JP
General PCT-55 (Paxon) 1984 JP


Product Description
Fujitsu FMM-MO301 Mouse
Fujitsu FMT-PD101 Joypad
Fujitsu FMT-PD102 Joypad
Fujitsu FMT-PD103 Joypad
Fujitsu FMT-PD104 Joypad
Fujitsu MB27150 Joystick
General PCJ-50 Joystick
General PCK-50 Optional keyboard for PCT-50 and PCT-55

Printers and Scanners

Product Description
General PCP-5501 Plotter


Product Description
Fujitsu MB22451 16kB RAM expansion and printer interface for FM-X
Fujitsu MB27501 Data recorder
Fujitsu MB27502 Data recorder
General LF-1003 Data recorder cable
General LMC-1001 Data recorder
General RJ-102 16kB RAM expansion


Product Description
Fujitsu MB22450 FM-X to FM-7 Connexion package
General DM-405 Color monitor


General released five game cartridges for Paxon. They don't work on MSX computers with the RAM in an extended slot.

Product MSX Region Media Sound Year Title Notes
General ES-2001 1 JP ROM PSG 1983 Aquapolis SOS
General ES-2002 1 JP ROM PSG 1983 Megalopolis SOS
General ES-2003 1 JP ROM PSG 1984 Devil's Heaven
General ES-2004 1 JP ROM PSG 1983 Hustle Chumy
General ES-2005 1 JP ROM PSG 1984 ?