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This page includes a list of external floppy disk drives and Interfaces for it.

The floppy disk interface can be external or integrated with the floppy disk drive, it includes a ROM with version 1 of Disk BASIC.

Both 5.25 inch and 3.5 inch formats exist for the MSX, with 3.5" being by far the most popular. There was also the obscure Quick Disk form factor which was rarely used.

3.5" media

3.5" Disk logos
3.5" Disk logos

Initial 3.5" disks on the MSX where single-sided (1DD), and could therefore only store 360kB, later models used double-sided drives (2DD) which can store 720kB.

The later 1.44MB (HD) type was never supported on MSX, but it is typically possible to use HD media and format it to lower capacity, but it is strongly recommended in that case to cover up the "HD" hole with a non-translucent tape, to prevent HD capable disk drives from getting confused.

A 3.5" disk formatted with a density of 180kB or 360kB (SS,DD) can also be read by an 720kB drive, it's been tested on a Turbo R.

5.25" media

5.25" drives existed in 180kB (single sided) and 360kB (double sided) capacities. They had some popularity in Brazil, but other then that quickly vanished from the market.

There was no standardised naming convention, as such every vendor used its own.

Capacity Type Possible names
180kB Single Sided, Double Density SSDD, 1S2D, MD1D
360kB Double Sided, Double Density DSDD, 2S2D, MD2D

Just as with 3.5", the 5.25" 1.2MB HD variation was never used on MSX.

Some interfaces accept a 5.25" 80 tracks 720 kB disk, for example the Philips NMS 1200.


The filesystem used for disks is FAT12, which is compatible with the IBM PC. As such you may be able to read and write data to an MSX disk from a PC, but some newer drives, particular USB diskette drives may have problems with non-HD (1.44MB) capacities. Also, it seems modern Windows versions do not support capacities lower then 720kB, although that is not a problem for Linux.


The MSX system has reserved i/o adresses for an fdd controller, older disk interface are i/o based and assigns always A,B drive. There is only one i/o based interface posssible. Some time later companies used slot memory adresses for the disk controller and different control adresse so multiple disk interfaces where implemented in m.s.x.(more diskdrives)

As both disk drives and disks are known to have issues with age, you may face issues with head alignement, slack, broken or drive belts turned to goo or even disks that can no longer be read due to mould on the disk.

List of external drive options

Model Type Format Notes
8bits4ever EMUFDC 3.5" 720kB Uses standard PC drives
8bits4ever FDC-600 3.5" or 5.25" Uses standard PC drives
AVT DPF-550 5.25" 180kB
Bawareth Perfect CPF-350 3.5" 360kB
Canon VF-100 3.5" 720kB
CE-TEC DPF-550 5.25" 180kB
Daewoo CPF-350 3.5" 360kB
Daewoo CPF-360 3.5" 720kB
Daewoo DPF-510 5.25" 360kB
Daewoo DPF-520 5.25" 360kB
Daewoo DPF-550 5.25" 180kB
Daewoo DPF-555 5.25" 360kB
Digital Design Drive-Interface DDX 3.5" or 5.25" Uses standard PC drives
DMX Interface para drive
Fenner DD-400 3.5" 720kB
Fractal2000 Floppy Disk Interface 3.5" or 5.25" Uses standard PC drives
Hitachi MPC-310H 3.5" 720kB Has 2 connectors separate A,B
JVC/Victor HC-F303 3.5" 360kB
Microsol CDX-1
Microsol CDX-2 3.5" or 5.25" Uses standard PC drives
Mitsubishi ML-30DC 3.5" 720kB
National FS-CF351 3.5" 720kB
Panasonic FS-FD1 3.5" 720kB
Panasonic FS-FD1A 3.5" 720kB
Philips NMS 1200 3.5" 720kB Uses standard PC drives
Philips VY-0010 3.5" 360kB
Sakhr AFD-01 3.5" 360kB
Sakhr FD720 3.5" 720kB
Sanyo MFD-001 5.25" 360kB
Sanyo MFD-25 3.5" 720kB
Sanyo MFD-35 3.5" 360kB
Sharp HB-3600 3.5" or 5.25"
Sony HBD-100 3.5" 360kB For Sony HB-701 only
Sony HBD-20W 3.5" 720kB
Sony HBK-30 3.5" 720kB
Sony HBD-50 3.5" 360kB
Sony HBD-F1 3.5" 720kB
Spectravideo SVI-707 5.25" 320kB
Talent CPF-350 3.5" 360kB
Talent CPF-360 3.5" 720kB
Talent DPF-550 5.25" 180kB
Talent DPF-555 5.25" 180kB (S)
360kB (D)
TEC FB-202 5.25" 180kB
Toshiba HX-F100 3.5" 360kB
Toshiba HX-F101 3.5" 360kB
or 720kB
Yamaha FD-01 3.5" 360kB
Yamaha FD-03 3.5" 360kB
Yamaha FD-051 3.5" 720kB