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Daewoo Electronics (대우 전자) was a divisions from Daewoo Group that was dismantled by the Korean government in 1999. Daewoo Electronics has manufactured various MSX products and even several MSX compatible game consoles called Zemmix.


  • Most Daewoo models were known by names like IQ-1000, IQ-2000, Zemmix or Kobo. These names however for the most part do not represent a single model, but a range of models. IQ-1000 was used for most of the MSX1 home computer range, and IQ-2000 for two of the MSX2 models. While Zemmix was used for the game console range.




Generation Product ID Name Year
MSX1 CPC-50 Zemmix 1985
CPC-50A Zemmix 1986
CPC-50B Zemmix 1987
CPC-51 Zemmix V 1988
CPC-88 IQ-1000 1984
CPC-200 IQ-1000 1986
DPC-100 IQ-1000 1984
DPC-180 IQ-1000 1984
DPC-200 IQ-1000 1984
DPC-200 (FR) (*) 1985
DPC-200S IQ-1000 1984
DTX-1493FW Zemmix SuperBoy 1989
MSX2 CPC-61 Zemmix Super V 1990
CPC-300 IQ-2000 1986
CPC-300E IQ-2000 1987
CPC-330K Kobo 1988
CPC-400 X-II 1987
CPC-400S X-IIs 1988
CPG-120 Zemmix Turbo 1991

(*) Released in French speaking part of Belgium


Product ID Description
CMS-120 Mouse
CPJ-102K Kobo Joystick
CPJ-600 Zemmix Super V Joypad
CPJ-902 Joystick
CPJ-905 Zemmix V / Turbo Joystick
CPK-30 Zemmix Super V keyboard
CPK-31K Kobo Keyboard attachment
DLP-01 Light Pen with Interface
DPJ-900 Joystick

Network and I/O Interfaces

Product ID Name Description
CMD-120 Network Card Modem

Power Supplies

Product ID Description
PSU for CPC-50 console
PSU for CPC-50A console
PSU for CPC-50B console
PSU for CPC-330K computer
PSU for CPG-120 console

Printers and Scanners

Product ID Description
CPP-1200 Printer
CPP-1500 Printer
CPP-1600 Printer
DPL-400 4 color Plotter
DPP-800A Printer
DPP-1400(A) Printer


Product ID Description
CPF-350 External 3.5" 360kB FDD
CPF-360 External Dual 3.5" 720kB FDD
DPF-510 External 5.25" 360kB FDD with interface
DPF-520 External Dual 5.25" 360kB FDD with interface
DPF-550 External 5.25" 180kB FDD with Interface
DPF-555 External 5.25" 360kB FDD with Interface
DPF-560 External 5.25" 360kB FDD (as second drive)
DPQ-280 Quick Diskdrive (QD)
DPR-600 Data recorder


Product ID Description
DW64MX1 Gate Array


Product ID Description
CMC-140W Composite color monitor
CMC-472AW RGB color monitor
CMC-472K Kobo RGB color monitor
CPC-472K Kobo monitor stand and drawer
DCM-408M Composite color monitor
DCM-414M RGB color monitor
DM-120MWA 12" monochrome monitor
DPM-1200 12"" monochrome monitor
DPM-1400C Composite color monitor


Product ID Title Korean title Note
CSX-G001R The MonMon Monster 인조인간프랑켄 GA-Yume's game
CSX-G003 Quinpl 퀸플 Bit²'s game
CSX-G004R Akumajou Dracula / Vampire Killer 악마성 드라큐라 Konami's game
CSX-G084R The Fairy Story 요정의나라 GAmu's game
CSX-K301R Educational game for Kobo
CSX-K302R 마주찍기 - 말뚝놀이 Educational game for Kobo
CSX-K303R 요술돋보기 - 이모양저모양 Educational game for Kobo
CSX-K304R 모양과 색깔 - 시장놀이 Educational game for Kobo
IG2-008R English Typing Pratice 영문운타자연습(A)
IG2-022R Billiard
IG2-030R Hyper Olympic I Konami's game
IG2-037R Hyper Olympic II Konami's game
30 game Rom Pack 30합게임롬팩 Cartridge sold with the Daewoo CPG-120
Demo Program for IQ-1000 아이큐1000 데모프로그램 Demo with a few games
FA Tetris FA 테트리스 FA soft
Hang-On 행온 FA soft
Rise Out 위로위로 ASCII's game
Power Bubble Bobble 파워보글보글 Same as the Gam*Boy version sold by Samsung
Zanac EX 자낙엑셀런트 Ponyca's game