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PLEASE NOTE: This page/category is about the ColecoVision console and the Coleco Adam computer THAT ARE NOT MSX COMPATIBLE.

When you add pages about these systems, please make sure to separate them from MSX topics, by using "Coleco" in front of the subject and adding them to this category. Let's make this the number one page of Coleco information!


Computers and Consoles

Model Year Region
Coleco Adam 1983 USA
Coleco ColecoVision 1982 USA, Europe


Product Description
Coleco Driving Controller
(Expansion Module #2)
Steering Wheel/Gas Pedal
Coleco Hand Controller Joystick/Numeric Keypad
Coleco Roller Controller Trackball
Coleco Super Action Controller Joystick/Numeric Keypad/Speed Roller

Network and I/O Interfaces

Product Description
Coleco Expansion Module #1 Atari 2600 expansion
Coleco Expansion Module #3 Adam computer expansion
Coleco Super Game Module Unreleased expansion

Printers and Scanners

Product Description
Coleco Adam SmartWriter Daisy Wheel printer


Product Description
Coleco Adam DPP Drive Digital data pack cassette drive

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