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Aackosoft was a Dutch software developer and publisher. They were active from 1983 until 1988. They developed programs and games for various home computers, but were most prolific on the MSX.

Initially they would develop and publish software directly under the Aackosoft brand, but soon after, especially for games, they instead would publish under the Eaglesoft brand and educational titles under Aackosoft Edusystems. They also started using the name The Bytebusters for in-house developed titles.

Around 1987 they had their first re-organisation and changed the company name to VA Holding, and would publish software under the Eurosoft and Methodic Solutions labels.

In 1988 there was yet another, and final re-organization and they adopted the label Premium III Software Distribution.


While they developed and published various productivity titles (word processors, spreadsheet, database, etc) and educational titles, they are generally most known for games. And after the first couple of years would only focus on games.

Many of their games are clones of famous arcade games. They would also, especially in the later years, re-publish older titles under a new name.

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