Casio MW-24
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The MW-24 is the combination of a 24-dot thermal transfer printer with an interface including a Japanese Word Processor and the Kanji-ROM Level 1 (JIS1). For the power supply, you can choose between batteries and the provided AD-5460 AC adapter.

The created documents can only be saved on casssette or quick disk, the firmware does not support an internal or external floppy disk drive.

As the interface is permanently fixed to the printer, it is not possible to use this printer with another application or the MSX-BASIC commands LLIST and LPRINT. A switch at the top of the interface allows to put the printer in connected or disconnected mode.

Brand Casio
Model MW-24
Region JP
Launch price ¥39,800
Package content
Emulation ROM dumps needed. See this thread for details.



Casio MW-24 interface
Casio MW-24 box and content
Casio MW-24 printer + interface
Casio MW-24 printer
Casio MW-24 label
Casio MW-24 printer + interface
Casio MW-24 printer
Casio MW-24 printer (underside)
MW-24 printer, interface, PSU
Casio MW-24 printer - left side
Casio MW-24 printer - right side


Casio MW-24 Word Processor

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