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Clears the screen in any 'standard' screen mode with the last background color specified and resets the cursor coordinates for text.

When used with Delta BASIC, it can also clear the content of a window.

- In text mode, the text of function keys displayed by KEY ON stays on screen.
- The sprites stay on screen as is.
- To clear the screen in KANJI text modes, you need to use CALL CLS. This command can also be useful in SCREEN 9 when the screen is not correctly cleared with CLS.


  • CLS
  • CLS #<WindowNumber> (only with Delta BASIC) - As alternative, you can also use FILL#<WindowNumber>,32

Parameter (Delta BASIC)

<WindowNumber> is a number between 1 and 9. It must always be preceded by # and correspond to a window previously defined with the WINDOW instruction.

Example (Delta BASIC)

20 WINDOW#1,1,1,38,3
30 WBOX#1
40 FILL#1,78
50 FOR I=1 TO 100: NEXT I
60 CLS#1

CLS#1 can be replaced by FILL#1,32

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