Buying, Selling and Trading
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While occasionally new hardware and software is produced for the MSX, you may want to look at the second hand market for certain items.

This website has its own dedicated sub-forum, Trading and Collecting, where you may offer items for sale, trade, or ask if someone has a specific item for sale/trade. We suggest you try your luck here first.

This page is an attempt to help you find places to look and give you some advice.


Buying a second hand MSX

If you're looking to buy a second hand MSX, have a look at our Buying a second hand MSX guide.

Counterfeit software

While counterfeit software for the MSX is not as common as for some game consoles, it does exist. Counterfeit software can be divided into two categories, those that where produced back in the 80s and early 90s, and modern ones.

Retro counterfeit

Counterfeit software was produced in large quantities in countries like Brazil and South Korea, but retro counterfeit software can be found almost anywhere. Sometimes the software was hacked to remove the original copyright, title or title screen. Alternatively, it has simply been transferred to media which the original was not originally distributed on. Be aware that such hacks can actually cause stability issues with the software in question.

Modern counterfeit

Modern counterfeit happens due to the popularity of some series such as the Metal Gear and Castlevania franchises. This has pushed prices of original releases of for instance Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake and Vampire Killer to sky high prices. But other software, especially Konami titles, may also be affected.

Examples of such counterfeit can include disks that have been re-imaged from DSK images (possibly on new disks), to reproductions of boxes and carts.

Be aware that sellers may claim such counterfeit items as "RARE" and attempt to hide the fact the item is counterfeit, by only mentioning it somewhere in the small print. If in doubt, double check with the pictures available on the Generation-MSX website, or ask here in the forums.


eBay is obviously the 800lb gorilla in the second hand market, but depending on country may not be the most popular. eBay is typically used to offer items to an international audience. Prices may be higher than local auction sites and you may encounter counterfeit items.

Also, simply searching for MSX will bring up a lot of false-positives such as Honda's motorcycle by the same name. So you may want to minimise this by searching by category. MSX items can typically be found in the Video Games & Consoles and Computers, Tablets & Network Hardware categories, but may occasionally also be found under Collectibles.







The most popular auction site in Japan is Yahoo! Japan. Be aware that the descriptions will be in Japanese and the sellers will likely expect to be dealing with Japanese buyers. Also the pictures are often very low resolution, which seems to be common for many Asian websites, which may make it difficult to judge the quality of an item. The likelihood of finding counterfeit items is low. The Japanese will typically also try to describe any damage to the item in detail and may tag an item as "Junk", which is a way for the seller to say the item is sold as-is.


There is also Amazon Japan.

For non-Japanese buyers there are a couple of proxy auction services that can act as a middle man. There is an interesting blog item, How to buy items from Yahoo Auctions Japan if you are not Japanese, that discusses the process and offers links to various proxy shopping services.

Other shopping sites:


The most popular online second hand shop in the Netherlands is eBay-owned Marktplaats.



While the MSX wasn't/isn't very popular in this Nordic country, you may occasionally find something on Norwegian consumer auction sites such as FINN or QXL, on in retro console shops such as O'


Shopping sites:

United Arab Emirates

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