Brother M-1024X
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The Brother M-1024X is a 24-dot matrix impact printer released in Japan in 1985 for use with the MSX. It has support for Kanji JIS1, with an option to upgrade to JIS2.

A cost reduced version was released in July of 1986 as the M-1024IIX.

Note that there were a few other variations, not meant for use with an MSX.

  • M-1024P for use with the NEC PC-88 and PC-98, Sharp X1 and MZ-2500.
  • M-1024F for use with the Fujitsu FM series

The following upgrade options were available

Product Price Description
Brother 9010 Black Ink ribbon
Brother FK-20 ¥29,800 Format keyboard
Brother PF-50 ¥5,000 Pin feed unit
Brother SF-20 ¥20,000 Auto cut sheet feeder
¥20,000 Kanji JIS2 ROM

Brand Brother
Type M-1024X
Year 1985
Region JP
Official price ¥128,000
Package content