8bits4ever Slot x4
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The Slot x4 is a slot expander designed by 8bits4ever. It expands a primary slot to 4 secondary slots and has an individual ON/OFF switch for each sub-slot.

Since revision 3.7, the board includes an audio mixer with adjustable volume for each slot. It also accept external 5v PSU for extra power.


  • Cartridges that implement expanded slots by themselves (Carnivore2, SD512, etc) will not work properly when plugged on the expander.
  • If the total power consumption of the plugged cartridges exceedes the total power output of your MSX, you will need to use an external power supply for the expander.

Official price: €90.00


8bits4ever Slot x4 with ribbon cable
8bits4ever Slot x4
8bits4ever Slot x4 underside
8bits4ever Slot x4 with computer
8bits4ever Slot x4 with cartridges
8bits4ever Slot x4 with cartridges