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Valuable information finally available to non-Japanese speakers

Several patches are available with many updates.

Although the Sargon website hadn't been updated for a couple of months, Sargon now announces a new English translation to be released at the MSX fair in Tilburg, April 24th.

The complete intro demo and game until disk 2 of SD-Snatcher translated to English now available for free

Today, the developers of Project Melancholia have released their highly anticipated retranslation of SD-Snatcher.

The Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake English translation has received an update.

Laser Squad MSX

by SLotman on 03-08-2013, 22:23
Topic: Translations
Tags: laser squad, xcom

As most of us sweat the day away at the beach, SLotman surprises us with a translated Laser Squad.

MSX game translator Django is back with a new blog and a big list of improved and new translations.

To celebrate Easter 2013 Delta Soft's English game translations can be downloaded from their site.

GDX game Super Rambo Special new life with French and English translations and extra speed.

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