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Django translations: Haja no Fuuin

by hap on 29-08-2009, 18:44
Topic: Translations

Another weekend, another DJANGO translation.

Set sail in the first Django translation for 2012: Higemaru. HARRRRRRRRRRR!

With all these maps by only_69, it's easy to forget that there's another MSX fan around who has regular contributions to the MSX scene: Django. With 51 partial translations of Japanese MSX games (including many text based games such as RPGs) he makes the life of non-Japanese gamers a lot easier.

Django has provided the MSX world a new partial translation, to be found in the goodies at Passion MSX: Laplace's Evil Spirit.

DJANGO translations: quadra update

by hap on 23-09-2009, 17:42
Topic: Translations

French MSX translator DJANGO has quietly been releasing a couple of new run-of-the-mill translations the past couple of weeks. Consistently, his effortless effort is partial yet makes the games less puzzling than the original Japanese versions.

MSX translations veteran DJANGO has improved his work on American Success.

Dragon Slayer 3 & 4 translation

by Randam on 23-05-2010, 23:24
Topic: Translations

For all the lucky people currently having a three day weekend, MSX Translations decided it was the right time for some interesting game patches! This time not just one, but three game translations are released: Romancia for MSX1 & MSX2 and Dragon Slayer 4 for MSX2. All three games have been translated completely. Besides the translated texts, a number of enhancements have been made.

Dragon Slayer 6 English update

by snout on 10-07-2002, 19:56
Topic: Translations

At Generation MSX you can now download an update of the English translation of Falcom's Dragon Slayer 6. The introdemo, enddemo and chapter titles are translated as well now.

An English translation of "Kinderen van de Wind/Les Passagers du Vent" has been finished by The Kid

Earlier today, hap and Zan have released a Japanese to English translation patch for the MSX1 action RPG Mashou no Yakata - Gabalin.

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