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The game "A Life M36 Planet: Mother Brain has been aliving" has been translated to English.

Aleste English

by Sama on 28-08-2003, 11:38
Topic: Translations

Many people will remember Compile's shoot 'em up Aleste 1. It's sequel was voted third in the best MSX2 game ever mega-poll. Basically this game took shoot 'em ups on the MSX to another level.

Aleste Portuguese

by Snatcher-br on 25-06-2004, 10:55
Topic: Translations

Luiz H. Lugato created a Portuguese translation of Compile's popular game Aleste. On his website you can find a (ASCII 16k) ROM file of the translated version.

Enjoy your favourite shooter now in English, too!

Anti-life Trooper Androgynous

by ro on 18-02-2021, 19:27
Topic: Translations

The original Andorogynus just got pimped by MSX Translations.

ARCUS English

by RobertVroemisse on 29-11-2011, 12:19
Topic: Translations
Tags: Django, Wolfteam

When Wolfteam released their game ARCUS back in 1988, they could not have foreseen that some 23 years later, French MSX user Django would partially translate this piece of software to English.

Toho is most famous from their Asian movies and especially their Godzilla franchise.

The latest translation by MSX Translations is T&E's Ashguine 2, and it's more than just a translation.

Becky English translation

by hap on 21-01-2010, 22:25
Topic: Translations

Becky-chan, the coolest tomboy on the block, just had her game translated by hap and Rikusu.

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