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ANMA's RED (Music Recorder/EDitor)

by ro on 05-04-2017, 08:56
Topic: Software
Tags: ANMA, music, Red, tracker

Good things come with time - here's ANMA's music tracker including all their amazing tunes.

A new Speccy game port for MSX

Apology MSX - Update

by snout on 21-12-2005, 13:57
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Arturo Ragozini sent us an update of Apology MSX, a 6-channel PSG replayer. This new version includes an Excel sheet that can be used as a tracker.


by Imanok on 03-05-2004, 18:52
Topic: Software

Armwrestling is a little game coded by Imanok during 25th Barcelona MSX Users Meeting, which was held this weekend. You can download the game at Imanok's website

The shoot-em-up Aster Buster and the song Xmas SCC have been added to our downloads database.

Asteroid Wars announcement

by JohnHassink on 21-06-2011, 17:41
Topic: Software

From the well-known Karoshi forums, a new MSX developer emerged. This Ecaliusx, originally hailing from the ZX Spectrum scene, spent his vacation creating a new game called "Asteroid Wars" as a means of learning how to program for MSX.


by Jorito on 05-12-2012, 17:54
Topic: Software
Tags: Astrododge, game

Astrododge is a new game for the MSX. Dodge the asteroids as long as you can and compete in the online hiscore list.

Astrododge will be for sale on the upcoming Nijmegen fair and can be ordered online. To celebrate the release, Revival Studios organizes a highscore competition.

Athletic Land 2 refound

by Jorito on 22-11-2012, 11:51
Topic: Software
Tags: nerlaska

A work-in-progress version of Nerlaska's sequel to Konami's Athletic Land was rediscovered.

Attention to all Bombaman buyers

by Latok on 26-04-2004, 18:53
Topic: Software

In this forumthread it became clear that there are some problems with the second pressing of the Bombaman CD, which was sold at the recent Tilburg fair.

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