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2KBOS contest: G-MONKEY

by pitpan on 23-06-2008, 14:15
Topic: Software

Karoshi Corporation has joined 2KBOS mini-game development contest with G-MONKEY, an MSX adaptation of the well known Microsoft's Q-basic Gorillas. In this game, each player has to hit the other monkey with explosive bananas, adjusting angle and speed. The first player to score five points wins.

The source code will be released along with the final version of the game.

2KBOS contest: Snowclimber 2k

by hap on 24-06-2008, 22:39
Topic: Software

dvik and joyrex have submitted another entry to the 2KBOS contest.

2KBOS: New unnamed entry

by ARTRAG on 21-05-2008, 16:44
Topic: Software

A beta version of a new entry in the 2KBOS competition has been released. As of yet, the game has no name yet. The file, complete with sources, assembler and compression tools are available.

303bcn Christmastro

by Jorito on 24-12-2013, 20:41
Topic: Software

To celebrate christmas and yet another year of MSX, the MSX group 303bcn released a short christmas demo.

3D Cube by MicroTech

by snout on 20-07-2004, 16:04
Topic: Software

Marco Rossin sent us a nice 3D vectorgraphics demo called '3D Cube'. After asking some questions on L80 in our forums MicroTech decided to share their in-development project with the MSX community. As of today you can find it in our ever growing downloads database.

3D Maze written in BASIC

by hamlet on 10-04-2020, 22:43
Topic: Software
Tags: Homebrew, maze, msx1, BASIC

Don't get lost!

3D Modelling on MSX

by snout on 06-04-2002, 10:43
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Source: MSX Mailinglist

Slotman has found a japanese utility called Magical Producer IV that enables you to model 3D graphics on your MSX computer. To make it even more interesting, there also is a stripped BASIC 3D-modeller. Yes, you read it right the first time. A 3D-modeller programmed in BASIC. ON the site you will also find a game (SSW) that uses graphics created with Magical Producer IV.

41st MSX RU Barcelona - Promo

by snout on 06-06-2012, 13:09
Topic: Software

An MSX1 demo promoting the 41st MSX RU meeting in Barcelona, to be held on June 16th 2012.

5 BASIC games

by snout on 29-02-2004, 16:36
Topic: Software

Today we added 5 BASIC games created by Guillermo R. Flook, the author of MNBIOS, to our downloads database.

After demonstrating them at MSXRio 2004. SLotman of MSX files has now released 5 new MSX games at the same time. Four of these games are ports of Sega SG-1000 games.

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