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Apart from the MSX fair in Bussum, the Netherlands, there was another MSX meeting yesterday in Sacy le Grand, France, called the MSX Café Convention. MSX Café have now published a photo shoot and movie of the day on their website.

Bussum 2006 photo shoot at MSXposse

by snout on 10-09-2006, 17:10
Topic: Photo shoots

MSX Posse are the first to publish a Bussum 2006 photo shoot this year, taken on the MSX fair and Marathon in Bussum yesterday, which can be found in their MSX Gallery.

MSXRio 2006 photo shoot by MarMSX

by snout on 27-08-2006, 16:17
Topic: Photo shoots

Marcelo Silveira of MarMSX has published a photo shoot on his website taken on the recently held MSXRio 2006 user meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Last weekend MSX Vriendenclub Mariënberg held an MSX user meeting and a barbeque in Mariënberg, the Netherlands. We have just added a small photo shoot, taken by Sjoerd and Age Lammertsma, to our MSX photo shoots section.

RetroPC have attended the Comiket 70 fair where the new One Chip MSX was first demonstrated.

MSXRio 2006 photo shoot

by snout on 08-08-2006, 18:37
Topic: Photo shoots

Source: MSX BR-L mailinglist

Edson Pereira Sucochip has put the pictures he took on MSXRio 2006, which was held last weekend, on Yahoo! Photos.

A week ago, the annual MSX Info Update meeting in Finland was held. As of now, a photo shoot and short report on the event is available on the MSX Info Update website.

Barcelona RU 28 photoshoot

by snout on 29-05-2006, 00:27
Topic: Photo shoots

On December 3rd, 2005, the 28th MSX user meeting in Barcelona, organized by the Asociación Amigos del MSX, was held. Four active Dutch MSX users (Arjan Bakker, Marcel Delorme, Jorrith Schaap and Sjoerd Lammertsma) visited the meeting and took many pictures during their stay in Barcelona.

Paxanga Software have updated their website with a nice photoshoot of the 29th edition of BCN's MSX Ru.

Zandvoort 1994 photo shoot

by snout on 14-04-2006, 23:31
Topic: Photo shoots

Many MSX fans around the world cherish good memories of the Dutch MSX fairs of the 1990s. Once a year, large international MSX meetings were held in both Tilburg and Zandvoort, which attracted thousands of visitors from all around the world.

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