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donkeyrol jukebox - 2008 update

by [DK] on 06-01-2008, 10:58
Topic: Music

To celebrate the new year, the donkeyrol jukebox has been updated with new songs from video games. The website continues to offer a playlist which consists mainly of MSX songs. On this occasion, there are a few new single themes, like the mostly unknown Digital Revolution, for example.

Donkeyrol Jukebox - Updates

by snout on 27-09-2007, 01:52
Topic: Music

[DK] has updated his MSX remake music website Donkeyrol Jukebox with Snatchin' Dracula, a mix of music from Akumajo Dracula (SNES) and and SD-Snatcher's Church theme.

Donkeyrol Jukebox updated

by [DK] on 12-02-2009, 00:40
Topic: Music

[DK] has just updated his Jukebox with new MSX and non-MSX tunes!

Donkeyrol jukebox, major update

by [DK] on 14-01-2008, 11:37
Topic: Music

Once again the Donkeyrol jukebox has been updated. Let's throw in some statistics:

  • More than 250 new songs from the SNES, N64 and MSX
  • The playlist window has been sensibly increased (+300%) to optimize the user interface
  • Minor credits/language bugs have been fixed

There are now more than 1100 songs (2GB+) of games music in the playlist (approximately 65% MSX).

Donkeyrol jukebox: April 2008 update

by [DK] on 20-04-2008, 22:27
Topic: Music

There are four new songs available for listening and downloading in the donkeyrol jukebox, being:

  • Andalussian Dragon (by [DK]). Flamenco remix of some Dragon Slayer IV tunes
  • Demon Horde (by Jorito). Rock remake of the Maze of Galious monsters' theme
  • MoG Shrine (by Jorito). Ambiental arrangement of the Maze of Galious shrine song
  • MoG Story (by Wolf).

On the third edition of the Vampire Variations album series we find this Jorito track.

Dracula-X: Bloody Tears by Hackurl

by snout on 14-01-2005, 07:19
Topic: Music

Hackurl has released yet another MSX-style arrangement from a Video Game song he liked. This time he made a PSG version of the song Bloody Tears, which comes from the PC-Engine game Dracula-X.

Dragon Slayer IV: Enddemo arrangement

by snout on 05-11-2010, 12:33
Topic: Music

Ruud van de Moosdijk (MrRudi) has released yet another MSX flavored synth rearrangement of a classic MSX tune on his Youtube channel.

Dragonslayer 6 'world-theme'

by Low_Profile on 09-07-2004, 22:08
Topic: Music

It's a real treat when every now and then, longtime MSX composers such as Wolf and Low_Profile surprise us with a cool arrangement of a famous MSX tune we can all whistle along to. You probably all remember the Dragonslayer 6 intro Wolf did last year.

This time it is Low_Profile who made an arrangement of the 'world-theme' from Dragonslayer 6.

Dragonslayer 6 - World theme updated

by snout on 06-06-2005, 23:07
Topic: Music

Almost a year ago, Low_profile released a rearrangement of the Dragonslayer 6 (Legend of heroes) World theme song.

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