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Falcom free midi downloads

by Bart on 14-01-2003, 22:00
Topic: Music

Falcom offers quite a large collection of MIDI files for download at their website. MIDI's that are available are, amongst others, from YS eternal and Sorcerian. You may download the MIDI's at the Falcom MIDI downloads site.

Falcom Soundtrack CD's released

by Bart on 01-10-2005, 00:55
Topic: Music released some new audio CD's containing the soundtracks of famous Falcom MSX titles. These CD's can be ordered online from

Chabinn has released a re-arrangement of a BGM from Fantasm Soldier Valis, an action game series from Telenet Japan that recently caught attention with the announcement of the adult

Again Jorito added a great tune to his CV. This time it's Dragon Slayer 6's turn.

Firebird BGM by Hackurl

by snout on 27-10-2004, 19:21
Topic: Music

Hackurl has released an PSG/MSX-MUSIC/SCC version of the main theme of Konami's Firebird (Hinotori). You can find it, like many other MSX inspired songs, on Hackurl's website.

Firebird BGM remake

by Low_Profile on 07-04-2004, 00:52
Topic: Music

It are good times for MSX Game Music lovers, as Low_Profile treats the MSX Music fans with yet another fine remake of a popular MSX game song. Inspired by the Firebird topic on our forums, Low_Profile decided to remake the ingame music of this Konami game.

FMPSG #004 announced

by snout on 07-11-2005, 23:43
Topic: Music

The fourth edition of the Japanese chiptune compilation CD's FMPSG willl be released during the M3 hobby music markets on November 13th. The album will contain tracks from MSX composer Symray Scopio.

FMPSG #016 - 16-But released

by snout on 15-12-2011, 10:06
Topic: Music
Tags: Chiptune

During the fall edition of the Music + Media Mix Market (M3), that was held on the 30'th of october, FMPSG released a new issue of their chiptune series of audio CD's by the name of 16-But.

FMPSG #017 - Dancing Queen

by snout on 08-04-2012, 13:49
Topic: Music
Tags: FMPSG, Chiptune

Another chiptune-filled audio CD is to hit the streets on April 30th, during the Music + Mediamix Market in Tokyo. MSX tracks included!

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