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After ASCII, Bazix has just announced they also closed their One Chip MSX preorder page as of 23:59 CET, August 20th, 2005. This means the world-wide preorder period for the One Chip MSX is now officially over.

Bazix has quit its activities

by Latok on 29-11-2010, 19:37
Topic: MSX Revival

On the Bazix website you can read an announcement in which the discontinuity of the partnership has been made public. As stated in the announcement, Bazix was erected in July 2004 in order to carry a trade and localization enterprise.

As we posted earlier, this sunday, MSX World 2005 is being held in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan.

Bazix launches website!

by Bazix on 12-10-2004, 02:04
Topic: MSX Revival

During the Bussum 2004 fair Bazix announced they were going to bring the MSX revival to countries other than Japan. In this newspost you can already find some detailed information on the activities of this company.

Bazix have just updated their website, adding detailed information and pictures of the new One Chip MSX we reported about earlier.

Bazix, the company representing MSX Association outside the Japanese market, have revealed more information on their upcoming MSXPLAYer for Series 60, including a movie of the emulator in action.

On the Tokyo GameShow, the One Chip MSX was on display in one of the booths of the organization of the Tokyo GameShow: CESA (Computer Entertainment Software Association).

Bazix to release MSX-Engine classics

by Latok on 11-01-2005, 18:58
Topic: MSX Revival

Engine Software has announced that it has signed a license and distribution agreement with Bazix concerning the re-release of Engine Software games originally released between 1990 and 1993.

In other words, all the legal deals have been made to make possible a commercial release of the m

Bazix, the official representative of MSX Association outside Japan, have updated their website with information on their current and future services, such as the upcoming retrogaming platform

BestGear MSX top 3

by snout on 16-06-2003, 19:08
Topic: MSX Revival

The Japanese Computer-magazine BestGear has published a top 3 of MSX games, based on data submitted by Maxload. Although the criteria are unclear, their top3 is:

  • 1. Wonder boy
  • 2. Vampire Killer
  • 3.

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