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ASCII ships Game Readers and MSXPC

by snout on 24-03-2004, 17:25
Topic: MSX Revival

It has been a while ago since we reported about the ASCII MSX Store on which more than 3800 MSX Game Readers and more than 250 MSXPC's were sold. As of today the production process has been finished. The new MSX hardware goodies are now being shipped to their new owners.

Today, ASCII stopped the possibility to pre-order both the MSX Game Reader and the limited edition 20th anniversary MSXPC. The sample version(s) of MSX Game Reader have been tested and approved, and are now in production.

ASCII24, a very well visited news site in Japan reports about the MSX festival held this weekend. The reports contains some extra, interesting pictures and a summary of the entire event.

Audio recording of Nishi’s lecture

by Bart on 23-04-2001, 15:42
Topic: MSX Revival

Pierre Gielen made an audio recording of dr. Nishi’s lecture. The MP3 file of this recording can be found here: Click to download Nishi’s speech.

Happy listening! :)

After his presentation at the Tilburg fair last year, our MSX founder did a presentation at the MIT, were he is a visiting professor. Although there were some other people who went on that trip, nobody was allowed to say anything afterwards.

A few months ago I found out that all presentations at the MIT have to go public.

BASIC'N (BASIC-Kun) animation DVD

by Unregistered user on 11-07-2003, 23:00
Topic: MSX Revival

Kiyokazu Arai's highly popular comic BASIC'N, which was serialized in Login and Famitsu magazines and published by ASCII Comix (now (c) MSX Association), has been turned into an animation.

BASIC'N (or BASIC-Kun, Mr.

Just 10 days after Bazix started taking pre-orders for the brand new One Chip MSX the stock-tracker on their website shows they have already 'sold' more than 50% of their stock.

It has been quiet around Bazix in the past half year. In summer 2008, they announced that they had ended their cooperation with MSX Association during a situation that still leads to debates.

You may have noticed that various things are going on in the MSX Revival lately, such as the recent transfer of the MSX trademarks from MSX Association to the MSX Licensing Corporation and the fact that there still isn't a Western edition of the 1chipMSX yet.

Bazix cancels OCM pre orders

by Latok on 31-08-2005, 21:18
Topic: MSX Revival

Some days ago it was decided by ASCII that they won't start producing the One Chip MSX computer.

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