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ASCII book on MSXPLAYer?

by snout on 07-07-2002, 12:42
Topic: MSX Revival

Source: Gigamix online

In the diary of Gigamix's NfBan I read a message stating that ASCII might publish a book on the MSXPLAYer, scheduled to be released this autumn.

ASCII closes One Chip MSX pre order

by Latok on 20-08-2005, 11:49
Topic: MSX Revival

ASCII has closed the pre order of the One Chip MSX computer, which they started on May 20th 2005. From the beginning, it was clear that 5000 pre orders were necessary in order to actually start producing the new machine.

According to Gigamix weblog it has been decided by ASCII that their company ASCII Solutions isn't going to commercially produce the One Chip MSX computer.

ASCII MSX Festival - first look

by snout on 09-02-2003, 18:21
Topic: MSX Revival

We reported to you earlier about the festival held by ASCII to celebrate the succesful start of the MSX Revival.

ASCII MSX Magazine 2003

by Latok on 11-11-2002, 23:21
Topic: MSX Revival

Many of the visitors are interested in the developments regarding the MSXPLAYer and the possible new MSX computer. The current poll shows it is 'a hot item'.As we have reported earlier, a major part of the current MSX revival is the release of a new ASCII MSX Magazine.

On the ASCII MSX Magazine website interesting information on the upcoming MSX Magazine Festival can be found. During this day both the 20th anniversary of MSX and the release of MSX Magazine 2 will be celebrated.

ASCII MSX Store - new lineup

by snout on 15-12-2003, 14:17
Topic: MSX Revival

On October 17th ASCII started reservations of the MSXPC and the MSX Game Reader in their ASCII MSX Store. To ensure production, at least 3000 MSX Game Readers and at least 100 MSXPC's had to be ordered. Today, the period in which people could order these devices was closed.

ASCII publish One Chip MSX FAQ

by snout on 15-08-2005, 21:50
Topic: MSX Revival

Following the steps of Bazix, who published the English One Chip MSX FAQ on July 30th, ASCII have opened up a FAQ with extra information on the One Chip MSX as w

In this newspost we have informed you about the MSXPC and the MSX Game Reader.

The MSXPC (20th anniversary edition) is a computer of which all components (motherboard, harddisk, memory etc.) are fit into the keyboard. The machine comes with a ROM cartridge connector and runs MSXPLAYer.

Only a week after ASCII opened up a website where the One Chip MSX can be pre-ordered no less than 1.000 One Chip MSX computers were sold.

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