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A retrospective by Strafefox, reviewing Castlevania titles, such as MSX classic 'Vampire Killer'.

RetroManiac#9, 304 pages of the best retro news. This time, the MSX system is the center of attention.

An anime feature film with Konami's Pentaro in the leading role was released in 1985. Now, you can watch it on YouTube...

CollectorVision announced a Sega Dreamcast remake of Hideo Kojima's classic Snatcher, based on the Sega CD version.

New version of KSS-X

by sd_snatcher on 30-10-2009, 14:13
Topic: MSX Related

Overlooked for a while, yet still interesting for Apple Macintosh owners: there's a new version of the excellent MSX BGM player KSS-X available. This new version has a lot of stability improvements and full support not only for KSS files, but also for MGS, MBM, MPK and OPX files!


by NYYRIKKI on 01-06-2014, 15:23
Topic: MSX Related

MSX software travels back in time with NYYRIKKI's MSX ROM loader for SVI.

[April Fools] An MSX-BASIC listing hidden in Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes announces the release of Enders Project in 2015

Nigoro secured the funding needed to develop a sequel to the Konami/MSX flavored platform game La Mulana by raising money on Kickstarter.

8 Bits Wiki MSX Edition

by TecnosTalgia on 16-02-2014, 16:24
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Android

8 Bits Wiki MSX Edition is a Spanish Android app where you can read all about classic MSX games.

WAVeR 2.00

by MSX Resource Center on 02-12-2002, 00:56
Topic: MSX Related

WAVeR v.2.00 has been released. It is a PC program that converts MSX ROMs to audio files (WAV format). So you can load them in your MSX using the cassette input and BLOAD"CAS:",R.It supports non-standard speeds, from 1200 to 4800 bauds. 3200 bauds seems to work fine in all computers.

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