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30th anniversary MSX calendar

by Meits on 04-01-2013, 11:47
Topic: Media
Tags: Calendar

Konamito offers an MSX calendar for 2013 to celebrate the 30th anniversary.

Gamasutra features article about ANMA

by wolf_ on 05-06-2011, 17:23
Topic: Media
Tags: demo

ANMA was one of the most famous Dutch demo and game groups from the 90's. Both their demos (Squeek promos, The Source of Power, Relax and many others) and their games (Squeek, No Fuss, Nosh, Frantic and Troxx) were very popular in their days due to their technical merits and unique artwork.

Strafefox' Youtube channel has been updated with yet another MSX game again. Nemesis III.

Konami Book: "The Legend of Konami"

by [D-Tail] on 16-12-2012, 14:19
Topic: Media, MSX Related
Tags: Konami

Matra's Legend of Konami fullcolor book is a tribute to all Konami's MSX games and classic sagas.

El Mundo on La Abadía del Crimen

by Jorito on 09-12-2012, 14:46
Topic: Media

Spanish newspaper El Mundo dedicates an article to the 25th anniversary of La Abadía del Crimen.


by Pac on 29-11-2012, 20:32
Topic: Media

Spanish MSX magazine MSX AREA releases the 4th issue with 60 full color pages on the 42nd MSX RU in Barcelona this year.

Club Hnostar magazine preservation project

by Meits on 15-10-2012, 21:13
Topic: Media
Tags: Hnostar

The well known magazine of Spanish Club Hnostar is being preserved.

Xanadu map

by snout on 05-10-2012, 16:55
Topic: Media
Tags: Maps, Falcom, Xanadu

Fukenko created a complete map of Xanadu (Dragon Slayer II, Falcom, 1987)

Salamander - Strafefox review

by snout on 25-09-2012, 17:00
Topic: Media

Gradius spin-off Salamander gets a thorough review by Strafefox on YouTube.

Konami sideview shooters flythroughs

by wolf_ on 23-08-2012, 13:24
Topic: Media
Tags: Nemesis, Konami

Meits' thumb gained some callus again after having finished all Konami's sideview shooters, go see how he did it!

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