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Strafefox added an MSX related movie to his Youtube account.

Live speed run of Vampire Killer on SDA

by Manuel on 29-08-2014, 21:38
Topic: Media

Two MSX speedruns on show some nice new tricks and tips.

The making of MSX-DOS

by Maggoo on 16-02-2014, 15:58
Topic: Media

Tim Paterson shares the history of the making of MSX-DOS.


by Pac on 12-11-2013, 13:59
Topic: Media

Spanish MSX magazine MSX AREA releases the 5th issue with 56 full color pages on the 44th MSX RU in Barcelona this year.

Like MSX, the MIDI standard celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. The Register gives MSX credit where credit is due, mentioning the Yamaha MSX computers in an extensive article on the history of MIDI.

Parodius - Strafefox review

by Jorito on 08-07-2013, 21:20
Topic: Media

Strafefox' latest review of an MSX classic highlights the craziness of Parodius.

MSX Resource Center joins the RetroInvaders feeds and offers a Twitter feed in Spanish

A bunch of (SD) Snatcher scans from various MSX magazines have been uploaded to JunkerHQ forums.

Strafefox: Konami 80s and 90s montage

by Latok on 13-01-2013, 21:27
Topic: Media
Tags: Strafefox, Konami

Strafefox has added a Konami montage 80s and 90s video to his YouTube channel which has been picked up by Konami.

Many MSX fans know that MSX was also available the Arab World, but despite spotting the odd Sakhr MSX computer or a Holy Quran application on cartridge it is rare to get information about the popularity our favorite 8-bit platform had in the middle east. Danderma wrote an article that tells the story of how the life of a Kuwaiti family changed when the Sakhr computer arrived and how MSX inspired Danderma to become a computer engineer. You will find out that MSX was so popular that its games were once played on a TV series. In fact, it was hard to find someone that didn't own an MSX at the time! In a nutshell: a must-read!

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