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Poke -1,170 managed to get a newspost on the MRC Airwaves Challenge on Micromusic, in the Micronewz section.

Our Dutch visitors are probably familiar with the controversial weblog Geenstijl and their Feauteauf*ck competitions.

Jan Lukens, an active MSX user from the Netherlands, got the idea behind the MSX in the Media Challenge and decided to give getting MSX in the media a go.

Zilog have recently added a new series of processors to the Z80 family: the eZ80 Acclaim!.

Manuel Bilderbeek informed us about an article in Cursor, a Dutch magazine of TU/e (Technical University Eindhoven). In this magazine, Lennert Wesel pays a visit to Walter Belgers, collector of (retro) computers. Walter mentions he used to do his homework on MSX for as long as possible.

Yesterday we reported about a deal between Engine Software and Bazix, in which both parties agreed to distribute the classic Engine Software MSX2 games in WOOMB.

The current edition of Gamestm appeared to be packed with MSX content, resulting in 3 nominations.

On October 9th, 2004, during the Bussum 2004 fair, Bazix announced they would be repesenting MSX Association outside Japan in the Global MSX Revival.

We all know Konami released a new part of the Metal Gear saga for Playstation 2 called Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

The popular Japanese Internet provider Nifty offers a blogging service to their members: Cocolog. Some of their most interesting or popular blogs can get some extra attention at the Cocolog Guide.

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