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by snout on 07-12-2006, 19:04
Topic: Media

The Finnish gamers portal Peliplaneetta have published a review on, Bazix's retro gaming service. Unfortunately the review is entirely in Finnish, but the article has special attention for the MSX computer system.

One Chip MSX in the Media

by snout on 17-11-2006, 09:29
Topic: Media

With both msd and roadfighter reporting on the One Chip MSX getting attention on the frontpage of the Dutch website Elektuur

Rikunabi Next mentions MSX

by snout on 16-11-2006, 22:31
Topic: Media

On Rikunabi Next, a website hosted on Yahoo! Japan with contents dedicated to finding new career options and job openings for well educated young adults, MSX gets mentioned in an article on old devices/hardware for which the editors still have strong feelings.

Famitsu magazine Tokyo Gameshow Poll

by snout on 05-11-2006, 17:58
Topic: Media

Source Gigamix

During the Tokyo Game Show, Famitsu Magazine asked the visitors of their booth for which computer platform they would play games on the Virtual Console of the

With the MSX revival steadily moving forward in and outside Japan, media attention for our favorite computer system is increasing.

1up says 'MSX is Missing in America'

by snout on 27-10-2006, 21:31
Topic: Media

Today, 1up have published an article on 4 foreign systems that are Missing in America.

Lenny Kravitz goes MSX - easy download

by snout on 12-03-2006, 19:54
Topic: Media

Almost a week ago we reported on a new Lenny Kravitz music video which contains a lot of MSX action. The music video, created by poke-1,170, was the video to Nikko Patrelakis's remake of the Lenny Krativz song Breathe.

Lenny Kravitz goes MSX

by snout on 06-03-2006, 02:07
Topic: Media

In a brand new music video of Lenny Kravitz, a couple of MSX computers can be spotted. To top it off, some of the graphical effects in this music video were created on MSX. Yes, you have read it right the first time: MSX computers appear and have been used in the latest Lenny Kravitz music video.

Although we still have to do a major update on the MSX in the Media Challenge this one was just too cool to not mention on our frontpage. During the Tokyo Gameshow, Konami released several trailers for new Metal Gear Solid games.

MSX in the Media Challenge 2: 30th nominee

by snout on 22-05-2005, 22:25
Topic: Media

Earlier today we reported about Bazix introducing MSXPLAYer for Series 60 phones.

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