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Flashjacks firmware updated to Ver. 1.9

by Pac on 22-10-2021, 21:36 translated by Pac
Topic: Hardware

There have been significant changes since latest update.

New MSX Single Cartridge Adapters

by ro on 10-10-2021, 13:53
Topic: Hardware

Convert extraordinary cartridge slots to regular ones

Pump up your existing MSX-Audio hardware.

A new mass storage device for MSX! The never-ending story...

Gear up with unique hardware. Available for ordering are Darky, Modulon, Neotron and MIDI-PAC2.

Use your MSX as an USB keyboard

by konamiman on 15-07-2021, 20:59
Topic: Hardware

A fun new use for your Rookie Drive

An update on Rookie Drive features

High quality membranes for some famous MSXes are about to be produced again.

Power up your MSX video signal and shine that light bright

Second batch of Tecnobytes' Audiowave

by ro on 04-04-2021, 12:51
Topic: Hardware

New old hardware for your ears.

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