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Harukaze Fast RS-232 article

by sd_snatcher on 05-04-2009, 11:25
Topic: Hardware

Sturaro has published an article (in portuguese) on his website explaining how to build yourself a Harukaze Fast RS-232 interface. As usual, the article is highly detailed on the process and contains a lot of pictures of the interface, the PCB, and more.

Poisonic pointed us to a very interesting page at ag0ny's website on which an iPod Nano modification using the Sunrise MSX ATA-IDE interface is announced.

Homebrew MSX slot expander

by Ivan on 30-08-2009, 00:37
Topic: Hardware

Spanish MSX user usuario_msx2 has managed to build himself a MSX slot expander, a hardware device which is difficult to get lately. In this forum thread you will find a PDF document (in Spanish) with pictures and some technical info about the project.

MSX fan Danjovic created his own experimental graphics tablet using a resistive touch screen.

IDE BIOS v2.50 released

by Jon on 09-02-2013, 17:29
Topic: Hardware

After almost 8 years an updated BIOS for the Sunrise IDE/CF interfaces has been released to fix problems with FAT16 partitions.

IDE-MAPPER 512KB ready

by Tecnobytes on 04-08-2013, 18:03
Topic: Hardware

You can order one through Team Tecnobytes website

Supersoniqs announces a new slot expander.... with a twist!

iPod controlling an YM2413

by wolf_ on 01-10-2009, 01:16
Topic: Hardware

Several chips are in use by our MSX or by its extensions. Some of them are really made for the MSX, others are chips being used elsewhere as well. One of the advantages of chips being used in other systems is that developers on other systems start all kinds of interesting projects which are practical for us too.

Leonardo and Jaime Padial have started a joint development of a mechanical keyboard for the Panasonic MSX2+ and MSX turbo R computers.

High quality membranes for some famous MSXes are about to be produced again.

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