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Flash cartridge LPE-FLASHG-V2.

by anonymous on 05-01-2002, 17:10
Topic: Hardware

This card is now sold-out. This card has 2 ASCII standard mappers inside (8K & 16k) for games execution + one I/O for download of all existing games for owner with authorized .ROM use. Precise reproduction of games is possible because the cartridge allocates .ROM as the original is made. It can also allocate MSX aplications. Konami games can be converted easy to ASCII format.

A new combo cartridge comes on the scene.

There have been numerous and significant changes since its release.

Flashjacks firmware updated to Ver. 1.9

by Pac on 22-10-2021, 21:36 translated by Pac
Topic: Hardware

There have been significant changes since latest update.

FLAX: New Flash cartridge

by [D-Tail] on 30-06-2008, 23:06
Topic: Hardware

On the MadriSX 25th anniversary event, held last Saturday June 28th, Matra showcased FLAX. FLAX is a new type of Flash cartridge for your MSX, a device to which you can upload a (game) ROM image.

In the Russian section of our forum, MSX user SFMSX gave us a link to his blog, in which he writes about everything where it concerns his MSX.

You can see

FM Blaster - new batch

by ro on 09-08-2016, 10:49
Topic: Hardware
Tags: fm, opl4, Moonsound

New FM BLASTER audio devices available

Thirteen years later another batch of 21 units is available.

FM-Pak production project

by Bart on 09-10-2002, 09:29
Topic: Hardware

Gilberto Dosvualdo told us he might be willing to produce new FM-Pak cartridges with the YM2413 FM Sound synthesizer if enough people are interested. Gilberto is setting up a list of people who are interested.

Franky instruction manual online

by Ivan on 18-11-2009, 20:01
Topic: Hardware

SuperSoniqs has put the first version of the instruction manual of Franky online.

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