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Yamaha CX5M/II upgrade to MSX2

by AuroraMSX on 21-11-2007, 00:22
Topic: Hardware

A few days ago, MRC user grit reported on his successful upgrade of an Yamaha CX5M/II to an almost full-blown MSX2.

Yamaha MMP-01 protocol reverse engineered

by ro on 29-09-2017, 13:00
Topic: Hardware

Once there was a device called MMP-01, destiny unknown. Until now...

Source: MSX Mailinglist

In the past, Yamaha released two soundmodules for the Yamaha CX5M MSX computers. To use these expansions on other MSX computers, a special adapter is needed. Both expansions were quite ahead of their time. The software of the SFG-01 was only capable of saving to cassette, while the software of the SFG-05 could save to disk as well.

Yamaha V9958 and Y8950 for sale

by snout on 10-02-2003, 22:28
Topic: Hardware

Kuniji Ikeda has found a way to get V9958 as well as Y8950 chips. However, to keep the chips affordable, he should order quite large amounts at a time.

The V9958 is the VDP of MSX2+ and MSX turboR computers. It is needed to convert an MSX2 to an MSX2+. The chip unleashes SCREEN 10 t/m 12 and diagonal scrolling mode. The Y8950 is the legendary MSX-Audio chip set as featured in e.g.

YM2149 VHDL source

by snout on 08-03-2005, 20:55
Topic: Hardware

MikeJ of FPGA Arcade has written an interpretation of the YM2149, also known as the PSG, in VHDL.

Improving the sound quality of your MSX-Music output


by snout on 10-07-2005, 02:26
Topic: Hardware

Source: Wolf_

Ymixer is an hardware modification of the popular YM2149 most MSX users have come to know as the PSG.

Z380 Architecture

by Sander on 30-08-2000, 00:39
Topic: Hardware

At last I finished the complete design of the System Architecture for the LPE-Z380 for MSX. The design includes mixed HW 50% and SW 50% for each particular interface. When the user wants to have MSX interfaces he loads the MSX patch to specific card. For Example: for Video card he load the V38 patch when he wants to have video V9938.

Z80 at 99MHz

by snout on 09-01-2004, 12:46
Topic: Hardware

The Z80, the core of the MSX Computer, is used for many, many other purposes and therefor the best-selling CPU ever. According to Zilog, this processor was used in over a billion end-use devices world wide. One of those devices is the Nintendo Gameboy.

Z80 made of plastic

by snout on 09-04-2004, 13:13
Topic: Hardware

In October 2002 SEL and Sharp created a Z80 made of glass. SEL continued improving this technology until the next step was made: a fully functional Z80 CPU on a flexible plastic print. The final goal is a processor that can be used on a foldable Sheet computer.

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