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New video board for Yamaha YIS805 and similar MSX2 computers available now!

Russian Bear Service Crew has released all materials for various MSX hardware projects.

TMS320C32 DSP cartridge available.

by anonymous on 09-02-2002, 20:27
Topic: Hardware

The TMS320C32 DSP cartridge contains a 32 bit TMS320C32 chip from Texas Instruments running at 40Mhz, with 1Mbyte Flash memory and 128Kbyte of SRAM. Both the Flash and SRAM memories are 32-bit, but are accessed by the MSX in 16 and 8 bit.


by [D-Tail] on 27-11-2002, 21:33
Topic: Hardware

About a year ago, the TMT_net project was started. At first, a network cartridge for MSX was created. During the past months the TMT_net system was ported to other systems as well. Now it is possible to connect MSX computers with other homecomputers like Commodore 64, Sinclair ZX Spectrum etc. with TMT_net. The first MSX cartridges will be available in 2003.

Some time ago MSX Hardware Argentina published a scan of the blueprints of the Talent TPC-310, sent by Juan Jose Galvan (ex Talent technician).

One of the most experienced hardware technicians of the Dutch MSX scene, Bas Kornalijnslijper (Repair-Bas), has announced that the Turbo 7 Mhz installation kits for MSX2 have been made available again.

Kuniji Ikeda has informed us that he has got several brand new keyboard films for Panasonic turboR computers in stock. These film cables can be used to replace dirty keyboard films which cause some keys of the keyboard not to function properly anymore. With 19 in stock, the keyboard films are available for 3400 yen ex. shipping costs.

SVI-738 gets some reverse-engineering petting Smile.

Pre-sale open now for a new batch

Updates on 萌SX by TNI

by syn on 28-06-2018, 00:59
Topic: Hardware

What's going on with this project about next generation MSX standard?

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