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Sunrise shipping DenYoNet

by snout on 21-07-2011, 14:44
Topic: Hardware

Sunrise have started shipping the first batch of DenYoNet cartridges. DenYoNet is a highly anticipated ethernet interface for MSX.

This Saturday, on the annual MSX fair in Bussum, Sunrise will start the sale of the Sunrise MSX Game Reader.

Recently we've reported about the Nowind interface being finished.

Sunrise update

by sunrise on 21-08-2010, 13:20
Topic: Hardware

Sunrise, a longtime MSX foundation providing hardware and software, has informed us with the following news flashes.

  • Still being a popular device, the new batch of Compact Flash readers has been ready for quite a while.

Sunrise updates

by snout on 18-06-2002, 16:21
Topic: Hardware

As of now there are original pictures of both Sunrise CompactFlash interfaces on their site. You can either get a complete interface, or an adaptor for an existing IDE interface. (Should work with PC's too by the way )Also there is a new BIOS for all IDE interfaces dated 01.04.2002. (You will need it to support CompactFlash).

Super MSX computer

by MSX Resource Center on 19-08-2002, 14:26
Topic: Hardware

Jorge Canelhas wrote the following:

Hi, we from Retro Review are trying to find out if there is interest amoung MSX users to have the Sprinter computer www.petersplus.com to work like an MSX.

SuperSoniqs announces a stereo ePSG soundcard with effects processor!

SuperSoniqs announces MIDI-PAC

by Sander on 11-11-2009, 19:34
Topic: Hardware

SuperSoniqs just informed us that they are busy with developing a MIDI-PAC cartridge. The MIDI-PAC reroutes MSX-Music to external MIDI interfaces such as keyboards, MIDI modules and synthesizers.

Supersoniqs offer free shipping

by Latok on 07-12-2010, 19:24
Topic: Hardware

Unfortunately, Supersoniqs couldn't be present at the recent AAMSX RU Barcelona meeting on december 4th 2010.

Gear up with unique hardware. Available for ordering are Darky, Modulon, Neotron and MIDI-PAC2.

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