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New open source projects from the RBSC

In order to clearify the difference between Dumas and the new games cartridges which include a new custom sound chip, callMSX and some people involved have written a couple of short articles about them (focusing on the cartridge with the sound chip) in English and Spanish. During the past Barcelona MSX users' meeting a demo of upcoming Kralizec games using that cartridge was shown.

The compact Mini Slotexpanders from Carchano are available once again, now at a sligthly reduced price.

Don't miss the opportunity to get your Carnivore 2!

Carnivore 2 Software update

by hamlet on 17-03-2020, 11:49
Topic: Hardware

A great update for your small dinosaur!

The Carnivore2 project is a DIY cartridge with RAM+FlashROM+IDE+FMPAC+SCC support.

More Сarnivore2 in your cartridge slot

Standard cartridge adapter for Yamaha MSX computers with the side slot has been released!

CASDuino for MSX

by hamlet on 22-01-2018, 12:08
Topic: Hardware

Our member CASDuino just celebrated the second birthday of his invention.
Now avaible for MSX computer.

Caslink3 project released

by Alexey on 20-05-2016, 19:24
Topic: Hardware
Tags: caslink

Caslink version 3, the project that allows you to simulate a cassette recorder interface to load software on an MSX without disk drive, is out.

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