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MSX Nijmegen 2014 - reminder

by Jorito on 19-01-2014, 15:51
Topic: Events
Tags: Nijmegen

Next Saturday, the 25th of January the annual Dutch MSX fair in Nijmegen will be held again. Make sure you're there!

MSX Nijmegen 2017 - reminder

by Manuel on 10-01-2017, 09:39
Topic: Events

Later this month the annual Dutch MSX fair will be held in Dukenburg in Nijmegen.

MSX Paradise 2016 - report

by ro on 16-08-2016, 11:19
Topic: Events

Written report with photos of the MSX Paradise Event, Korea.

MSX party in Finland 02-04 of August

by anonymous on 15-05-2002, 17:30
Topic: Events

There is going to be the biggest MSX party in Finland for years. We expect many visitors since it will be held near the big global computer party called Assembly. There are going to be also few new MSX software releases!

Relevant link

MSX Party photoshoot

by snout on 10-08-2002, 18:55
Topic: Events

Source: comp.sys.msx

The Finnish MSX Party 2002, that was held at the same time and at about the same place as the famous Assembly 2002 fair, was quite a success. At the MSX Party website, you will find some pictures of Finnish MSX users and some very exclusive hard & software.

MSX Party Weekend 2006

by snout on 26-01-2006, 11:41
Topic: Events

Following the success of MSX Party Weekend 2005 Dutch MSX community website MSX Posse is to organize another MSX Party Weekend this year. The party is to be held on March 11th and March 12th and takes place in Deventer.

MSX Party Weekend 2007 announced

by snout on 11-12-2006, 21:41
Topic: Events

MSX Posse have announced the date on which MSX Party 2007 is to be held. We have added this information to our list of MSX fairs and meetings.

MSX Pizza 2006

by snout on 03-09-2006, 14:40
Topic: Events

Continuing the 2004 edition of MSX Pizza Oswaldo Sá Ferreira has announced a 2006 edition of this small-scale social MSX event to be held in Novo Friburgo, Brazil on September 23rd.

MSX Posse Retro days

by snout on 08-12-2004, 17:38
Topic: Events

After a discussion on their forums, MSX Posse decided it was time for a Retro event in Deventer, the Netherlands. The MSX Posse Retro days were born. On, February 12th and February 13th, 2005, retro fans can gather for a bit more than 24 hours of gaming, composing and programming on retro systems like MSX, C64 and Atari.

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