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A report of this unique trip by Bas Kornalijnslijper (repair-bas)

MSX day Hoorn

by bartholo on 22-05-2009, 19:01
Topic: Events

On May 30th, MSX Club West Friesland has been around for five years, after a restart made in 2004. To celebrate this milestone, everyone is invited to visit this Dutch club.

MSX demonstration at Assembly 2002

by snout on 01-08-2002, 14:58
Topic: Events

Source: comp.sys.msx

Nyyrikki informed us that here will be a live MSX demo show at he famous scene-party Assembly tonight. The demo show will be broadcast on their website at 22:00 (GMT +3). Taken from the Assembly site:

'We have invited few guests to watch the demos with us in the studio.

MSX DEN-YU land postponed

by snout on 14-09-2002, 09:08
Topic: Events

Source: Syntax-NV #126

Because of the two upcoming MSX books, that will probably rise the interest in MSX in Japan, the organization of MSX DEN-YU land have decided to postpone the fair. The fair will now be held in the (japanese) spring at the end of this year, or perhaps even at the beginning of 2003.

MSX DenYu Land - November 30th 2003

by snout on 01-09-2003, 11:16
Topic: Events

For the first time in 2 years, the MSX fair of MSX fairs will be held once again in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. A few days ago we had already received some rumors, it's Gigamix online who confirm these rumors are true.

MSX DenYu Land 2003?

by snout on 27-08-2003, 12:14
Topic: Events

In 2001 the most recent edition of DenYu land was held. Despite it's success and the MSX Revival this special MSX fair was postponed last year.

MSX DenYu Land website - updated

by snout on 03-11-2003, 09:37
Topic: Events

Yesterday we announced there will be a new ASCII MSX Festival during the MSX DenYu Land event. Today, the organization of DenYu land have updated their website. Currently, one can only browse the frontpage. If you want more information or give your opinion (both in Japanese, of course) you can join a special DenYu Land mailinglist.

MSX DevCon '03

by snout on 10-12-2003, 19:12
Topic: Events

This saturday the first MSX Developers Meeting will take part in Noordscheschut (near Hoogeveen), Netherlands. During this day active MSX Developers from the Netherlands will gather to talk, impress and develop all day. If you want to attend this meeting you can sign up in this forum thread.

MSX event in Akihabara (Tokyo) on May 8th

by Sama on 07-04-2005, 16:06
Topic: Events

Today, Gigamix reported about an MSX event supported by ASCII that is said to be planned for May 8th, 2005 in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. However, at the moment there's still much uncertainty about this fair.

MSX Event: Sunrise activities

by wolf_ on 20-06-2008, 21:37
Topic: Events

Sunrise has supplied us with last-minute information regarding their activities tomorrow on TNI's MSX Event.

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