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Due to personal circumstances, MSX Club Groningen have canceled the meeting that was planned to be held this Sunday, May 20th. The next meeting of MSX Club Groningen will be held in two months - on July 15th, celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the MSX Club.

MSX Club Groningen meeting postponed

by snout on 05-01-2006, 01:06
Topic: Events

On January 14th, the brand new MSX fair Nijmegen is to be held. Originally, MSX Club Groningen were to hold an MSX meeting the day after.

MSX Club Groningen moves to new location

by snout on 26-01-2007, 19:56
Topic: Events

MSX Club Groningen have announced their meetings have moved to a new location. From now on, the MSX meetings will take place in Wijkcentrum "De Borg", Borgwal 90, Groningen. The new location is close to the previous one, offers some extra parking space and is easy to reach via public tansport.

This Sunday MSX Club Groningen celebrate their first anniversary during their meeting in Wijkcentrum De Karre in Groningen. To celebrate this first anniversary entrance will be free, and there will be cake for the attending visitors.

MSX Club West Friesland - reminder

by chaos on 27-05-2004, 20:07
Topic: Events

Source: comp.sys.msx

In March we reported about the restart of MCWF after a period of silence. Now, we would like to remind you about the start of a new series of clubmeetings. The first one has been scheduled on the 5th of June. The meetings will be held in 'Buurtcentrum Risdam' in Hoorn, Scheerder 1.

MSX Club West Friesland and MSX Vriendenclub Mariënberg have decided to join forces. As of january 2005, the clubs will publish a shared paper clubmagazine. They also have plans for other common projects.

The clubmagazine still needs a frontpage.

On may 24 2014 the club celebrates their 25 years of existence

MSX Computer Auction

by msxfemale on 23-01-2006, 20:15
Topic: Events

MVM will organise it's annual MSX auction on Saturday, February 11th, 2006. This is a great opportunity to buy or sell your MSX hardware and software. If you've still got some MSX stuff at home you want to get rid of, or are looking for nice MSX goodies, you're welcome to attend. No fees are charged for selling or buying something on the auction, and admission is free as well.

MSX Convention 2008

by wolf_ on 10-03-2008, 12:57
Topic: Events

Celebrating the upcoming 25th anniversary of our 8-bitter, French MSX website MSX Café has announced the third installment of the MSX Convention meeting.

A report of this unique trip by Bas Kornalijnslijper (repair-bas)

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