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More MadriSX info

by snout on 06-02-2002, 22:48
Topic: Events

This message was received from MSX Power Replay.MSX Power Replay is proud to invite you to MadriSX 2002, the IXth edition of the famous MSX fair of Madrid, this year we have an official sponsor: Instrumentacin y Componentes - - and we have changed our location to offer you the best.


Cultural centre "El Greco"

The MSX Resource Center went through a lot of trouble (and money) to import 67 software titles from Japan for you! We'll take those games to the MSX fair in Oss.

MSX 2001 Fair

by Bart on 26-10-2000, 01:52
Topic: Events

On 20 January 2001 MSX-NBNO will organize the MSX 2001 fair.This fair will be held in:

‘t Oude Theater
Bram van den Berghstraat

For more information visit our website: of course you can e-mail us as well at: MSX2001@msx4ever.demo

MSX 2002 Fair, 19 januari 2002

by anonymous on 13-12-2001, 08:00
Topic: Events

The MSX 2002 fair will be held on 19 januari 2002. The fair will be held in: 't Oude Theater Bram van den Berghstraat Oss For more information and reservations send an e-mail to: or

MSX 2003 Fair

by raymond on 22-01-2003, 21:33
Topic: Events

This Saturday, their will be an MSX fair. It will be held in: 't Oude Theater, Bram van den Berghstraat, Oss. The entrance is free and the fair is open from 10:00 - 17:00. Free parking space is available, and the train station is 2 minutes walking.On the fair, a large Triplex network will be set up, you are encouraged to bring your MSX system, a monitor and Music Module with you.

MSX at AltParty 2009

by FiXato on 06-10-2009, 22:04
Topic: Events

This year at the Finnish Alternative Party, AltParty 2009 in short, some interesting stuff will be happening at the MSX table.

MSX at Chaos Constructions'05

by cax on 08-09-2005, 14:46
Topic: Events

The Russian site Cooler has published a link to a photosession from a large Russian computer fair called Chaos Constructions'05 which was held in St.Petersburg on the 20th and 21st of August.

MSX at Vammala Party 2016

by Marq on 25-07-2016, 09:24
Topic: Events

The Vammala party 2016 was held on july 15th-17th with MSX entries.

MSX auction in Zwaag, The Netherlands

by Latok on 14-08-2002, 20:52
Topic: Events

On the 28th of september 2002, Dutch MSX Club West-Friesland will organize another of their famous MSX auctions.People are invited to let the organization know what MSX stuff they would like to sell at this event. Just visit their official homepage here. The auction will -as always- be combined with a regular MSX meeting.

MSX Auction Mariënberg - Reminder

by FiXato on 10-02-2011, 12:36
Topic: Events

This Saturday, the 12th of February, the MSX Vriendenclub Mariënberg will organize their annual MSX auction. Today, Rudi Westerhof (also known as Lord S.M. Zett) was a guest on "Het Overijssels Hart".

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