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Den-yu Land

by Bart on 23-08-2000, 11:16
Topic: Events

Denyu Land is over and you can read various reports about the fair wich was held in Japan.

DenYu Land - MSX Magazine 2 Festival

by snout on 02-11-2003, 15:52
Topic: Events

On the 30th November ASCII and MSX Association will be hosting one of the most popular MSX Fairs in the world: MSX DenYu Land.

Devcon 2004 summer

by wolf_ on 04-08-2004, 13:36
Topic: Events

After investigating with the potential guests, 28 August will be the date set for Devcon 2004.

Devcon is an MSX-meeting aimed at the northern regions of The Netherlands, for the simple reason that the most important MSX-events were always located in the south. It's not a fair however, it's a meeting for developers and people who are interested in becoming a (better) developer.

English information on MadriSX

by snout on 09-02-2002, 23:59
Topic: Events

Source: MSX Mailinglist

An English site with information on MadriSX has opened today. This MSX fair will be held for the 9th time, on the 9th of March 2002, as reported earlier.The spanish site can be viewed on for the English version, click the link below.

Event Eleven - the day after

by Sander on 16-10-2011, 22:49
Topic: Events

We can safely say that Event Eleven was a blast! We had a lot visitors, and the amount of demonstrations, quizzes and lotteries we had in store certainly have matched with the impressive size of the crowd. At 16.00 we opened the doors and saw people already waiting..

West Side Trio and Julian van Aalderen join forces to pay tribute to 30 years of MSX to create a wonderful audiovisual show in which many well-known MSX themes are going to get their own interpretation.

Fairs Footage

by tfh on 18-10-2000, 21:33
Topic: Events

Last week there was a big Computer Game Show in Spain called the Sonimag 2000. Matra had a stand there, demonstrating some of their MSX titles. Some cool video footage is available at the site of Asociacion de Amigos del MSX:

Happy Easter!

by hamlet on 26-03-2018, 12:44
Topic: Events

Yo! Get up for easter eggs!

Happy New Year 2018

by hamlet on 31-12-2017, 19:00
Topic: Events
Tags: 2018, New Year

The MSX Resource Center wishes all of you a happy 2018!

The Dutch association of computer users HCC is one of the - if not the - largest associations of computer users in Netherlands.

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