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BRMSX 3.0.f

by mars2000you on 28-11-2003, 01:15
Topic: Emulation

Ricardo Bittencourt has released a new version of his emulator especially conceived for Windows.

BrMSX 3.0.g

by Latok on 05-12-2003, 10:09
Topic: Emulation

Ricardo Bittencourt has released a new version of his emulator, especially conceived for Windows. The emulator still has its limitations (only MSX1 emulation and no sound support), it's still in development though.

Hello Msx Maniac! Get the new version of FrontEnd for Brmsx by Msx Mania Brasil.This FrontEnd works under Dos/Win9x mode.Some features:

  • Save the configuration file for each Msx Game.
  • You don't need more unpack your ZIP files! Run the game on the ZIP!


by snout on 11-02-2006, 00:26
Topic: Emulation

Ricardo Bittencourt has released BrMSXGBA, an MSX emulator for Nintendo Gameboy Advance. In order to be able to download the emulator, you must join Ricardo Bittencourt's MSX mailinglist on Yahoo groups.

C-BASIC 0.01

by snout on 01-04-2005, 19:05
Topic: Emulation

Boukichi has just released C-BASIC 0.01, a freely distributable MSX-BASIC compatible BASIC interpreter.

C-BASIC 0.02

by snout on 22-06-2005, 00:11
Topic: Emulation

On April 1st the first version of C-BASIC was released by Boukichi, initiator of the C-BIOS project, as an April fools joke.

C-BIOS - Developers wanted

by mth on 13-11-2004, 10:37
Topic: Emulation

It has been a while since we reported about C-BIOS, the open source BIOS compatible with the MSX BIOS. BouKiChi initiated the development from this BIOS, writing it from scratch. The first version was released in August 2002.

C-BIOS - MSX2 boot logo poll

by snout on 09-04-2005, 13:30
Topic: Emulation

The developers of C-BIOS are looking for end-user feedback on which is the coolest C-BIOS bootlogo for MSX2. In this forum thread you can find a zip file containing 4 different options. If you like, you can have a look at them all and cast your votes.

C-BIOS 0.03 (MSX Compatible BIOS)

by snout on 18-08-2002, 22:49
Topic: Emulation

Source: Boukichi

Development of this compatible BIOS is going smoothly. Thanks to Okei, correct handling of BIOS-call DCOMPR (for comparing register-pairs DE and HL) is now implemented. Also, to prevent future trademark problems, the MSX Compatible BIOS is now renamed to C-BIOS.Version 0.02 was already capable of running games like Knightmare and F1 Spirit!

C-BIOS 0.04

by snout on 20-08-2002, 18:44
Topic: Emulation

Source: Boukichi

Again a new version of the MSX Compatible BIOS arrives.Changelog:

  • Added a $FCC2-$FCC4 table initializer (Zanac is now playable!)
  • Added GTSTCK and GTTRIG function
  • Divided the ROM in two halves, use 'setb.bat' to create the .ROM files

Also Boukichi has investigated some leg

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