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Sharksym, the Korean MSX developer who has created an MMC/SD cartridge, is currently making steady progress with his ASO remake for MSX TurboR.


by snout on 21-10-2011, 15:54
Topic: Development

Japanese developer KATSU has been working on the image (de)compression toolkit BARGAIN, fore more than 21 years. A few months ago, Katsu released the final and completed version.

piroPAINT 9918 1.01

by snout on 21-10-2011, 18:30
Topic: Development

The Japanese developer Piroyan has released a Windows utility called piroPAINT. With this utility, you can create graphics for SCREEN 2.

XL2S Entertainment have released a new version of SjASM, a Z80 assembler for Windows and Linux. This version adds Microsoft Visual Studio compatible error messages.

The New Image has released version 0.45 "Magnum mercy shot" of their Z80, R800 and GBZ80 cross-assembler tniASM, which features the following bugfixes:

  • Fixed: Generate error for

SpriteSX ED announced

by snout on 12-11-2011, 14:17
Topic: Development
Tags: SpriteSX, Aorante

The Spanish MSX developer Aorante, known from utilities as PSGed, GrooveSX and VeejingSX, is working on yet another useful utility for

While preparing their new website, which will be online soon enough, RELEVO Videogames just launched RELEVO Videogames' official YouTube channel.

GFX9000 library 0.004

by snout on 27-01-2004, 21:26
Topic: Development

A new version of the GFX9000 library was released today, adding the following features:

  • Font routines now work on turboR as well
  • Added multiple font support

The GFX9000 library is a new initiative, containing a set of useful ASM routines for GFX9000 developers.

New JBsoft software

by Sander on 18-12-1996, 00:00
Topic: Development
Tags: JBSoft

Also new: A new version of AGE+, the pc version of the populair MSX drawing package of T&E SOFT. And a first fully working version of the JBsoft assembler for Z80 and R800. This version is designed especially for Windows95. Check it out if you assemble for MSX. A dos version will follow shortly.

GBasic 1.0

by RobertVroemisse on 29-12-2011, 15:54
Topic: Development
Tags: GBasic, TNI, GFX9000

After a long period of silence, a fresh update of GBasic is available.

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