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VScreen Map Editor for PC 0.1

by RemcoZ on 06-05-2004, 00:33
Topic: Development

At Maggoo's MSX Page VScreen Map Editor for PC 0.1 is available for download. With the Vscreen Engine it should be possible to develop a (open source) game engine for creating platform games on MSX.

WB2TXT 1.1

by snout on 10-04-2005, 14:53
Topic: Development

Vincent van Dam and TNI released a tool that translates tokenized WBASS2 files to readable text. The tool can be used in MSX-DOS and Win32 environments.

Wolf announces 5tile

by wolf_ on 22-04-2004, 23:09
Topic: Development

5tile (pronounced as 'style') is a brandnew cross-development tool to create 8x8 and/or 16x16 tiles for screen 5. It's not a regular designer, you can't draw freehand, draw circles, draw lines, paint etc.

XelaSoft releases low level FDC drivers under GPLv2

Xenophon's inferno

by sirelion on 09-04-2021, 06:34
Topic: Development

The sequel to The Fall of Prometheus.

Z80 Runner by mi-chi

by mi-chi on 21-03-2019, 06:36
Topic: Development

A new Z80 assembly cross-development tool.

Z80 syntax highlighting for Textpad

by snout on 23-02-2005, 22:37
Topic: Development

[D-Tail] created a file which adds Z80 syntax highlighting to Textpad, a popular text editor for Windows. TNIASM's pseudo-instructions are supported as well. The file can easily be converted to correctly highlight pseudo-instructions of other compilers, like SjASM.

Z80ASM 1.03

by snout on 20-12-2002, 13:23
Topic: Development

The developer of Bargain released a new version of his homemade Z80 assembler as well. This assembler was coded in QBASIC 1.1 so if you want to give it a try, you'll need a PC with MS-DOS 6.22 installed.

Get Z80ASM 1.03 here

Z80ASM 1.04

by snout on 08-01-2003, 23:52
Topic: Development

A new version of Z80ASM, the Z80 Assembler for Qbasic (DOS 6.22) was released. This tool was used to compile the Bargain image compression tool. It's functionality was very useful while developing.

Check it out right here

Z80ASM 1.2

by snout on 20-07-2005, 13:06
Topic: Development

Source: Manuel Bilderbeek

Z80ASM is a Z80 assembler written in Ansi C, released under GPL. The project has recently been added to the testing and unstable repositories of Debian Linux. The assembler aims to be portable and complete and assembles all official mnemonics. Apart from that. it also aims to assemble the unofficial mnemonics.

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