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PT3 Player for Hi-Tech C

by dvik on 25-06-2009, 08:32
Topic: Development

Daniel Vik has ported and released the PT3 player dioniso adopted to MSX to Hi-Tech C. This allows C programmers to use PT3 songs in their creations without linking assembly code to their projects.

PT3 Player for MSX

by snout on 10-01-2005, 12:20
Topic: Development

Alfonso D.C. (aka Dioniso) has just released the ASM code needed to play files created with ZX Pro Tracker (PT3 files). As he announced in this forum thread, this player is capable of playing all features of the PT3 file format without any problems. The player can be used to play PT3 files in your own software, like demos and games.

Quigs, release candidate

by edoz on 06-07-2020, 22:42
Topic: Development

Quick User Interface with Graphics for Symbos

Ray casting for turboR - version 4

by snout on 05-02-2012, 18:36
Topic: Development
Tags: 3D, Artrag

Arturo Ragozini has furhter improved his 3D Ray Casting engine for MSX turboR, increasing sprite resolution and adding mouse support!

Ray casting on turbo R

by wolf_ on 24-12-2011, 12:36
Topic: Development
Tags: 3D

Italian coder ARTRAG has given himself a mission: create a decent ray casting engine for MSX turbo R. To boldly go where no coder has gone before, here is his latest update.

Relearning MSX

by Unregistered user on 25-11-2015, 21:23
Topic: Development

Learn to program in MSX-C.

Learn about MSX-C functions, storage classes, variable scopes and more

Retrospecs by John Parker captures/converts images as if they were created on retro computers

RoboPlay for MSX 1.0 released

by ToriHino on 28-05-2020, 20:52
Topic: Development
Tags: opl, roboplay, vgm

Let your robot play

Yesterday we added Robsy's MSX Workshop to our links database, today Robsy's MSX Workshop has been renewed and redesigned. The new stuff:

  • MSXdev'04 mini-game development contest announced.

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