K-Jo Chases the Cheese

K-Jo Chases the Cheese

by ro on 22-12-2022, 15:52
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Software developer Red Button Games brings its first MSX game to the market, which is dubbed K-Jo Chases the Cheese. It's an arcade-style game delivered on cartridge. The pre-sale procedure has started.

The Atari 2600 console was one of the first electronic game machines tailored for home-entertainment. During its run, many classic titles were published on this marvelous piece of engineering. Just as we know for MSX, there is an active scene, and developers still developing for this little powerhouse. Brazil-based software developer Red Button Games is one of those fanatics. Anyway, they took a side-step to the MSX system and recreated their recently published Atari 2600 game K-Jo Chases The Cheese.

In this arcade game, you're to guide the mouse "K-Jo" through mazes in order to collect pieces of cheese, and exit through the peephole while avoiding appearing traps. A fast-paced action game for MSX1 standard machines with various levels, graphics, and PSG tunes. It's Red Button's first MSX attempt, and they surely delivered; the game is fluent, polished and a joy to play. It features 6 stages, each sub-divided by 20 maps. Collect the cheese within the given time, which can be increased by collecting a clock item.

K-Jo Chases the Cheese for MSX is now available for pre-sale through Red Button's website or direct via e-mail. World wide shipping is expected at the start of 2023. Delivered as a physical game cartridge, boxed with a manual, the game comes in both English and Brazil-Portuguese language. All copies have a unique number assigned, shown at the start of the game. The price for this is 199 Brazil Reals, or about 40 US dollars / 35 Euro. Reserve yours today!

relevant link: Red Button Games' website
relevant link: Preview gameplay video of K-Jo Chases the Cheese on YouTube

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By Uninteresting

Champion (366)

Аватар пользователя Uninteresting

24-12-2022, 18:40

This looks like a polished ice sliding puzzle. Too bad I don't have a working MSX...

By Briqunullus

Paladin (768)

Аватар пользователя Briqunullus

31-12-2022, 18:04

Funny looking game. Very much interested if a digital version would come for sale