Can we use the 'i' register ?

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By sd_snatcher

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04-06-2022, 14:56

I voted in both proposals. I hope this helps. Smile

But the feature by far I miss on SDCC is builtin support for external MMUs (memory paging) for the Z80.

A custom routine would have to be provided for each case, but the support should be there.

By aoineko

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Аватар пользователя aoineko

04-06-2022, 17:12

gdx wrote:
hit9918 wrote:

i.e. to include support for EXX and EX in the code generation

I guess they don't do this so that we can use it ourselves in our asm routines.

With a compiler option, the user could choose to reserve these registers or let the compiler use them.

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