hw sprites era end.

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By Grauw

Ascended (10681)

Аватар пользователя Grauw

29-03-2022, 12:41

I think in P1 mode a strong use of the command engine is to animate tiles without needing to change the tile map on the CPU. Think waterfalls, grass moving in the wind, flickering torches, sprite animations, etc. You could also use it to achieve an additional layer of background scrolling.

By Manel46

Paladin (674)

Аватар пользователя Manel46

29-03-2022, 13:08

Best for 64 colors is P1 mode. Two background layers and two sets of sprites, each with its own palette.
For Bn, BP4 and BP6, we have the problem that all blitter images must have exactly the same palettes. In the BD8 and BD16 modes, fixed vane, there is no such problem.

By erpirao

Paragon (1304)

Аватар пользователя erpirao

30-03-2022, 20:28

I think that both the pattern mode and the bitmap have their own place when it comes to producing software.
An example of how the pattern mode is very interesting is what Cynthia does in x68k which is a vdp dedicated to sprites.
I don't see it possible to do something like the phalanx or the cho-ren-sha with the blitter, .

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