Solving openMSX fullscreen issue on Allwinner H3 SoC

By Shinobi

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Аватар пользователя Shinobi

04-11-2021, 20:41


As you read my posts about making a cheap educational computer, I used MXQ Pro 4k Allwinner H3 Soc Android TV Box with sd card with Armbian 5.59 kernel 3.4.113, I suceeded in downloading openmsx but it won;t go fullscreen only when it it scale 3x or 4x which slows down the emulator, so to solve this I compiled openmsx 16 and 17, they both can be fullscreen on scale 1x or 2x but the problem is that they are slow my cheap tv box, so to solve this, i used the av output of the tv box, with scale 2x on openmsx 14, everthing is ok and it is fullscreen. I couldn't make it run on boot and the guys in Armbian forum didn;t respond to my question there, so i donwloaded retrorange pi which is retropie for otange pi pc based on Allwinner H3 too, and built on Armbian 5.59 too, what I did is modify the script that run emulation station on boot to run openmsx and disabled alot of unused services to make a fast boot of 15 seconds .. so Av out was the solution to solve the fullscreen issue, it is 720 by 480, in HDMI my screen would display 'not supported" when changong resolution to this resolution on HD..
see this video of booting
Thank you all for help

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