WTS: A few Yamaha MSX2 YIS-503IIIR

By Alexey

Guardian (3239)

Аватар пользователя Alexey

07-08-2021, 00:37

One of my friends in Moscow still has a few Yamaha MSX2s for sale. Those machines were used in Russia for educational purposes. Used, but good condition, everything works. The machines come with the MIDI-based network module in the side slot. This module can be replaced with SFG, Gotek adapter or side slot cartridge module from RBSC's repository. The RAM can be easily extended to 1Mb with a small RAM board.

The price is 220 Euro including the shipment to EU and this is a very good deal! For other regions please ask for the shipping price quote here.

Please contact me by e-mail if interested. The e-mail address is in my MSX.ORG's profile.

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