Vampire Killer with Smooth scroll in Coleco

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By sdsnatcher73

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Аватар пользователя sdsnatcher73

18-01-2020, 16:31

I was not able to find what CPU / VDP / SoundChip is actually used in the SGM2. I read the CPU is “a new backward compatible co-processor, 24-bit linear address mode, 5 MIPS“. I wondered if they mean it is backwards compatible to Coleco’s CPU or to the co-processor in the SGM1 (admittedly I know very little about Coleco). But if it is backwards compatible to Coleco that would mean to Z80, right?

By hit9918

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Аватар пользователя hit9918

18-01-2020, 17:50

"guesses/hopes/wishes" - there are no guesses, it is crystal clear what the 9990 is!

there have been years of 9978 phantasy threads. they needed to PRETEND that the 9990 does not exist. or else there would be no reason for phantasies.
I always was against the 9978 because it was cheap. but today I bump into an additional thing: WHAT is the alternative to the 9990? I cant see a 9978 fpga invented in 2020 to be more interesting than a yamaha chip from 1994!

By Pentarou

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18-01-2020, 18:14

Sometime ago there was a post about old games with new/reskinned graphics.

In the OP video the music has been replaced, the Intro is missing and the hud/font can be easily changed, but it still look suspiciously similar to this one (the one on the left):

By Manuel

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Аватар пользователя Manuel

18-01-2020, 20:00

sdsnatcher73: you can see the Coleco as an MSX1 with 1kB RAM, a different (but similar) PSG and no keyboard. The controllers are a bit odd, they have a numeric pad.

By sdsnatcher73

Prophet (2228)

Аватар пользователя sdsnatcher73

18-01-2020, 21:31

So I read up a bit and the SGM1 only consists of 32kB RAM and a AY-3-8910 PSG. So this co-processor in the SGM2 has to be backwards compatible to the Z80 but with 24 bit addressing. That must be a Z280 than. And I guess it might be interesting for MSX as well to figure out how the Z80 communicates to the Z280 in the expansion module...

By PingPong

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Аватар пользователя PingPong

18-01-2020, 22:37

If the MSX got a serious DMA support, expansion board with faster CPU would be easy to do.
I do not know if coleco had the ability to put the original z80 in high impedance mode, releasing the BUS

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