Driver and player demo for DFplayer mini MP3 module

By Mortimer

Rookie (20)

Аватар пользователя Mortimer

10-01-2020, 22:05

I have written a small asm driver to be able to handle one of the cheap and small MP3 modules in our MSX with very little additional hardware. Also a simple player in BASIC as a demo.

This first version is connected to the Joystick port, although it could also be operated from the printer port or incorporated into a cartridge.

The module has its own SD card where you can store thousands of tracks, and with a few simple commands you can choose which track will sound, pause, resume and change the volume. Once the commands have been sent, the module works by itself and CPU cycles are not required.

When I have better documented and polished the code and the schematic I will publish it!

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