Although we wanna keep you up to speed with all MSX related news, some stories just didn't make it to the front page of MRC. That doesn't mean we want to keep those from you. So, here you go.. the news of yesterday.

2019-11-24 Color reduction. Tiny-Yarou has released a color reduction tool for retro PC (P6 or MSX). It is still in alpha version, so many functions are not implemented yet, but it can be used as a simple color reduction tool.
2019-11-26 MACRO-80 sources. Werner Cirsovius, a German z80 developer, disassembled and commented many CP/M tools. These are the M80 and L80 executables, disassembled.
2019-12-04 Interview with Zanac developer. Interesting translation of an interview to Takayuki “Jemini” Hirono – Designer of Zanac for MSX and Famicom.

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By FiXato

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Аватар пользователя FiXato

08-03-2020, 23:39

I haven't yet finished reading the interview with Takayuki “Jemini” Hirono, but it's been quite interesting so far!
Also, it made me play and record some levels of C-SO again. ;)

Edit: added the game-play video link. :)

By st1mpy

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Аватар пользователя st1mpy

08-03-2020, 12:38

I enjoyed the Zanac interview. Thank you.

By Manuel

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Аватар пользователя Manuel

09-03-2020, 07:33

Yes, me too! Insightful.